Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Hot Training Day

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I can't believe how the heat can control the ability. St. Louis summer has never been as hot as this. Yesterday, trying to do a recovery ride after the 9 hour, 70 mile ass kicking pedal float on the Missouri River, by 10 AM it was almost 90. There was no wind, dank, humid moisture in the air. We dumped in at Lost Valley (the mound) and knocked that out. I was still a little woozy from the river and the heat from Sunday. The heat makes you burn calories and fluids, at least for me anyway. I have droped weight in the past week and look to get down further as the next two weeks unfold. I was sunburned from Innsbrook prior to the float too. The third day in the sun was just about all I can take. But it is important to be acclimated. I am going to buy one of the chinese hats, like an umbrella hat.

Instead of riding up to Matson, due to the heat, the hill would have been a tad hot, we elected to take a farm road out from Defiance that made a large loop through corn fields and beans. It was pretty cool but it was exposed. The whole ride was exposed for that matter. By the time we got back to Defiance we were 15 miles out and the heat was a full 95. Instead of heading out to Klondike, it was a decent decision just to head back up to Lost Valley, that turned in to the bailing on the single track for the Hamberg trail that led us back to my car. I can't believe how hot it was. That was a tough 25 miles on the mountian bike. Another heat induced discomfort. I am feeling much better today.

Today is a river day. But not pedaling, this will be on jet skis, more acclimation, a little cardio. Wed. is a bike day. By the time the weekend rolls in I will have one more significant float to do, likely a Tuesday night on the Missouri for 8 or so hours. I think I can get there. My gluts are a bit sore.

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