Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High School Reunion Prep

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This is my 30th reunion coming up this Friday and I am a little psyched. It has been interesting catching up with people on facebook and sifting through the multitude of status updates--the pure little indications of "who" people are--proclamations, snippet messaging as to the individual importance of politics, religion, spirituality, exercise, humor, motivation, love, partying, music etc...I love the fact that people put it out there now, without an ounce of reservation. They really "are" who they "are" and there is no changing things. Not like in high school, when we had to compete for that bulls eye of acceptance. Well, some folks did.

Like it or not, facebook is posturing, why else would we put our daily musings out there. It is a way to stay at the top of the list, in mind sight of anyone lurking. if you are clever, you can create a buzz about anything without alienating anyone. Over time it can put you at a level of significance, so say the social media experts out there. Authenticity is key. I am pleased with my high school group and my Columbia family-of-friends who continue to be authentic and share a special bond with the rich tradition down there. I really hope to connect with these people, regardless of what is proclaimed.

There are authors, business people, judges, athletes, heads of companies. There are stay at home moms, stay at home dads, actors, chefs, lawmakers, plumbers. I want to know "who" these folks have become, hoping that they have their stories ready. We don't have much time. I want to know what makes them tick, where they live, how they did it. Hell, I pretty much seek out that in anyone, come to think of it. I used to admire all of these folks in one way or another. It is time to check in, see how things have worked out. That is what I find most interesting about people.

The party is at Harpo's, yes the Missouri bar where just about anyone having anything to do with Columbia Missouri, either growing up there or attending school at Mizzzou, has slammed a couple cheap beers. I go to Harpo's in Chesterfield from time to time to get my clothes filled with that sweaty smoke odor on Sunday 3 buck burger night. You can't beat the price and it is less than 10 minutes away. I hope the bar at Harpo's in Columbia is still the way it was back in the day. I am sure it will smell of smoke and to be honest, I hope it is filled with pretty girls and my Bros high fiving and spilling beer all over each other.

I quite smoking 12 years ago for a couple of reasons, and quit a lot of my bad habits for good reason. I wonder if anyone else has had to make changes in their life due to things getting out of wack. I wonder what kind of lifes issues the others have had to overcome, what kind of adversity they have had to deal with. Have they experienced the bullshit of growing older, kids entering college, have they figured out how to make a marriage work, or get out of one destined to fail unharmed? Are their friends and family as important to them as mine are to me? Are they happy?

I enter this next period of life a little less motivated in achievement than the previous. My good friends have indicated that it might be a good idea. I have been extremely motivated for the past 20 years and once again find myself looking inward to find a little more balance in life. My guess is that I will find some of the answers there. At the Rockbridge and Hickman High School 30th year reunion.

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