Saturday, September 25, 2010

Important Ponderables

This is John Mannings boat. Janie and I spent Labor Day weekend visiting the Mannings and had a great time. This is really quite the display of reccesionism. While John was directing the dock girl (clad in bikini and likely set to take home 400 in tips for the day), I turned my head away from his earsite and murmered something about pitching in on gas. When all was said and done it was 400 bucks to fill that bad boy up. Twin screw, 440's if I remember. John is having a good year and he wouldn't have anything to do with me buying gas. I would rather have done that than put a wallet to the Coors Light that we put down that afternoon. Yes, I said Coors Light...Kansans like that stuff.

Oh my, such a long time since posting. Today is the perfect day. I rolled out of bed at 3:45 sneezing. The window was open last night and apparently I have forgotten that, when this time of year hits, I get a tad snotty. I need to dry up, because we have a show tonight at Lone Wolf and I must transform, like I do on most Wednesdays, into my alter ego, Jimmyleg.

Browndogs for Bluebloods
Yes, the Browndogs are indeed off into a new music journey and it has been fun dialing in our sound thanks to Jimmy "Chainsaw" Calahan stepping off stage for a bit while we get organized. We ended up with kind of a southern swamp rock sound for our first CD, which has yet to be recorded (likely sometime in November), a King Slim production at Caesar Creative Studios. While I have written 4 of the songs that we will do, we have taken a couple covers and twisted them a bit in to our world of hard driving rhythm guitar, blazing lead guitar and harmonica/violin solo. It seems to be working. The vocals are from yours truly and reference the county that I grew up in and some of the people and experiences that I tend to think are a little more interesting than most. Names have not been changed to protect identities. Word. Seems muscle memory is coming around as of late for this singer and with the new acoustics in the Blackhawk Room at Lone Wolf, I am not shouting as much.

Jimmyleg and the Browndogs intend to open for each band in the Fall/winter concert series. Tonight is Jeremiah Johnson and the Sliders. On October 15th, Alvin Jett. Later, on the 23, Rockin Jake will take the stage. These are three of the top acts in St. Louis. Plan to check one of them out if you can. Enjoy our new menu and selection of artizen beer and wines.

Lone Wolf always changes, by the way. If you don't have your photo on the wall yet, well, you haven't sent me a photo. The Wolf display will be coming down soon, freeing up space for twenty or thirty more. Don't get lost in the shuffle, send me an 8x10 photo with your doing what you love to do, and no "ball sports" for crying out loud. Just a photo of you doing what you dig in the outdoors, so the kids in our town can see what we are supposed to do in our own natural resources.

Speaking here and there
On October 5th I take the stage in a different way, kicking off the Lindenwood University School of Business and Entrepreneurship speaker series. I am honored to have been invited to speak at an institution that has molded who I have become. I am so grateful to my family at Lindenwood for helping me find my way into what has been an incredible journey. If you are available on Tuesday, October 5th at 2:00 PM. Please try and make it. It is in Harmon Hall, on the main campus.

I will also be speaking in Saline county at Missouri Valley College in Marshall MO on topics relating to branding in Agritourism. If you are in the area, let me know and I will buy you a good lunch at the college and you can hear my pitch on how to regenerate rural tourism. Look for a new Pfoodman operation soon in Arrowrock Missouri, btw. Seems we will be opening the Old Tavern there, our version of a vintage town bar and vittles gettin.

Hot Events
Don't forget to go to the Taste of St. Louis on Oct. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. If you haven't heard of Michael Kociela, you will soon. He is the brainchild of last months Bluesweek and now is set to dole out again, that largest Taste of St. Louis festival ever. 47 restaurants, two stages, incredible kids events. And get this, 100% compost able and sustainable products being used! Do you know how "out of the box" this dude is? I am honored to know this guy and to be working on projects with him relating to culture and entertainment in St. Louis. If you have not met Michael, or attended any of his events, it is likely you will soon.

Hot Spots
Washington Ave. and Midtown Alley are the hottest tickets for the city right now. When was the last time any of you suburbanites got in your SUV and went down there? If you haven't done it lately, do it now. Say goodbye to the white picket fences and rows of honda lawn mowers. Go and get some culture and see what our city has to offer in the way of cool restaurants, awesome shops and entertainment. It is time to wake up and shake off conformity. Lets save our city by using it!

I have been to two Rams games already, and as long as there is progress, who cares if they win or not? Now, I am a tad biased, because they are my client and the fact that I sponsor them is another deal, however, these are some really good people. From the players to the coaches to the administrators, Kroenke, they all share one mission...make it better. Please embrace this important business in our community and check out a game.

More later, as winter hits the need to write comes back in to play. We will chat soon....

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