Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diet War

I knew that it was coming. I just thought it would take a couple more weeks. Since Janie has been on this weight loss thing, she has been looking across the table at me while I eat the normal stuff. I quit exercising for a spell after my stomach crap and put back on a smidge of the weight that had I lost quite quickly do to some digestive issues.

She blames the weight gain on Wednesday night band night with the heavy beer. I say it is just a lack of peak fitness training that I normally subscribe to and that whenever I quit for a month or so, I shoot up to 200 and change (no belt size issues). So at breakfast the other day the (nearly) 50 year old 6pack wasn't as flat as what once was, and since hers is now, she spouted off one of those demon comments: "Heh, better watch it", pointing at my stomach.

I have ridden my bike six times in six days. She will not treat me so poorly.

I asked her how she plans on transitioning to eating and exercising after being involved in that new starvation diet; 500 hundred calories a day, water, some drops on the tongue, and license to throw it in the face of anyone not wearing baggy clothes. I want her to succeed, but there will be a transition heading her way. I am proud of her and she looks killer. I am thinking top 5 in our town, ifyouknow...

But exercise and eating right is the key. I have noticed that the heavy beer is a weight gain issue. It goes un-noticed during the race season, but dude, bail on the training and smear on the gut be gone cream. I am sending off for some Coors Light like my bro John Manning. I am fairly certain 7 Coors light equals two unfiltered wheat beers of choice. Done.

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