Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sleep Ninja

Gosh, my writing is a bit rusty. Writing is like exercising your brain, the more you intellectualize, the better the brain performs. Sitting down and starting a beginning, middle and end to a piece certainly comes easier if you have been doing it with regularity. So coming back to it always provides me with the challenge of pulling it together, like the piece on the East Coast. Whew, that was a tad long winded and going back and reading it again left me asking myself what the hell I was thinking. Whatev.

I woke up this morning again at 2:30 and imediatly began staring at the projected images on the ceiling from the light shining in--the windows that overlook the front yard. The light comes in and creates oblong, square like images from the window grid. It never changes, the lines are always the same, undisturbed. The image would only change if somebody walked in front of the floodlight pointed up at the house, sending the shadow, the image of whomever up on to my screen, the ceiling. Then I would most certainly launch out of bed as a ninja and do some major damage on...a deer or a possum.

I do know why I woke up again. Monday was a long day. Yes, one of those days that forced me to "dance on a stage with balls in the air". That is what it feels like when things get in to high gear. Phone calls taking me from one problem solving task to the other. People wanting to network, others wanting to tee up some new business. The time I did have to spend with someone needed my help was cut short by my looking at my watch and thinking to myself, jeez it is almost 6:00 PM already, I didn't have lunch and I have again missed my window to ride my bike. I wouldnt have even have time to get a decent burn on early enough to be able to...sleep.

Now, I know how important it is to ride my freaking bike. The penalty for not getting that daily and/or every other day exercise fix is severe. It's what I call "the upsetting of the balance of mental and physical deposit". Nope, we don't notice it right away, but the erosion of physical and mental fitness shows up in many ways once depletion levels are realized. You got to have money in the bank. Depletion usually shows up in the mid section and with the need to experience the pain of getting it back. I always do, a good thing.

Nope, instead I came home to Janie and we both looked at each other and said in unison like Zombies: "You want to just go to Charro's?"

Janie had been unloading bags of topsoil to even out where the new driveway went in last week. She was tired and has depleted energy levels due to the diet program that [*subliminal Start* has been a big pain in the ass *Subliminal End*] is really working for her. We have not had dinner "together" for about a month while she has been doing this thing. She sits and watches me toss down chimchangas and frozen margaritas, smiles and says stuff like, "man, those chips look good", while sitting and stirring her water with straw.

So it was the Mexican food that did it to me. And hey, Charros has the 2 dollar Margarita thing going on. Since I didn't have lunch I ate a whole bowl of chips, salsa, the entire chimi and two frozen margs. No wonder I sit and write at such a time when the entire household, including the cats, are horizontal. Ifn...

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