Monday, November 15, 2010

Bank Blather

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I was asked just the other day by a banker. "So, how's business?".

Likely a common question asked from banker to business folk; question asked from someone in the position to fund an endeavor to someone in the position of needing the funding. But we all know that is a bunch of crap. The banks are in the business of setting up checking accounts and savings accounts. That is what they do now. I do have a good relationship with my bank, and continue with them because they know my business and that any other bank wanting to earn our business would surely not have that aptitude without first creating safety nets far outside of my willingness.

That is why I looked at him funny when he asked me "how is business?".

It rubbed me the wrong way. I answered by saying the following:

"Well, my employees are happy, my culture is good. I saw a couple of them dancing to the music while working the other night. One of my main guys daughter is in her last year of college, (that makes two that he has paid for out of pocket). I said that I was hoping one of my cooks at Lindenwood was close to receiving his kidney transplant, and that he was almost there when it was determined that the kidney would be suitable. I am thankful that our insurance is able to fit his needs. Three of my managers have become grandparents. Most of us knew each other coming out of college".

I mentioned also: "my community has had a couple neat things take place as a result of our business. We just held the 2nd annual Wolf Howl, 300 runners, we stayed open all night, we had live music in a family environment, lots of folks having fun in the name of health and fitness. We rocked the Short Track races over the summer, putting on those races and getting families to race bikes together, eat and have fun on a hot summer night in a park each Thursday. We participated in the entrepreneurial races over the weekend downtown. We donated food to the Bubba Cyclocross Races, another active living event in our town. We helped promote music in the schools by being involved in the Blues Community through Future Focus, an advocacy for children at risk".

I went on to say: "As a result of our business (being good), I was able to speak about business and entrepreneurship at three of our local colleges. I was in a position to inspire others to seek a career, the way that I think things would work for our community and ourselves. I wrote several articles about the topic and gained a bit of leverage in my world on topics that concern me, all because business is good".

I looked at the fellow, after my long winded response, and asked him a little something: "Is there something I can do as a local business owner to help get you guys to start lending money?"

Apparently I offended him. Ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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