Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ride with the DRJ

It was really good to see Bobby and company. I was invited to participate with the DRJ Sunday ride because they needed what they usually need from me. A whooping post. Though some of the team were absent, like BLM, who the group has decided that his ne GF is cool enough to hang, but that fat bastard can't remember how to ride a bike, or Tank, or the other Krewet. All good dudes, all a little fertile. Pooping out kids every six or seven weeks. Wes, yup, you too, Scott, good energy headed your way on the second.

Anyway, I took pictures again today because, well, because I am trying to keep my gut in check. If I keep taking photos, I will eventually get thin again. Women, this is the secret. The big secret to getting thin again, post your pics online.

Oh, by the way, I had a hard fall today but nothing was broken. In this group, if you crash, you better attack on he way back to the car. I didn't try and deal much, and we didn't really ride much more than a couple hours, but it sure was fun being with those guys.

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