Friday, January 7, 2011

Lets start it out right!

Please enjoy this photo of my new friend Jim Dandy grabbing himself and drinking a beer at the same time. Took the intern to one of Nashvilles oldest music Venues, Exit/in, Jim was doing an accoustic set, he has a story to tell if you can make out what it is he is sayin.

Gosh, back from vacation and things haven't changed much here in the Lou. I must say that taking a vacation in Florida in December is a crap shoot. You never really know what you are going to get. This year we bi-passed a big snow storm and went directly south, via the Memphis route, versus the Nashville route. We drove until we hit the beach, Panama City, and it was 29 degrees.

We leveled out in the 70's but the sun was hidden behind a constant low level cloud bank, basically the whole time we were there. Not a bad thing for the skin, I suppose, because in prior years, I have over done it with the sun. A good thing for the bike riding. I was able to rekindle the spirit of fitness and plan to stay engaged, logging three or so hundred miles. Now it will be my mission to keep the fire lit, not let work get in the way of the upcoming O-sport calendar, soon to be released as part of the spring and summer calendar of events. Lots of things requiring oxygen this year. Lets all get on the bandwagon again.

The ole Wolf is getting an overhaul...

Hey, this is where lurking pays off. I enjoy the fact that I get people checking in on the blog from time to time, but be careful with assumptions, and who the hell says everything here on this blog is not a little abstract for a reason?--an experiment, a social media experiment of my art? Sift through what you want, opt in or opt out. Not a good idea to cut and paste, box up, label and point to, not a good idea. I do appreciate the patience and the readership of everyone I come in contact with, regardless of who it is, and for whatever reason. To be honest, I like to play by the rules, but my style is a little different when it comes to certain things. I don't live to work under somebody else's discipline.

What is the overhaul?-- well, we will be transitioning the Lone Wolf Coffee Company cafe concept, as it is known in Ballwin as a small cafe. It is actually our corporate headquarters, an incubator, a test kitchen, a multipurpose venue for employees, clients, executives, and our charities. It is an expression, an advocacy towards good living, we advocate some of the things in life that enhance the human condition. We have been on a journey, a fun one, thanks to the people of West County, our guinea pigs, for letting us know that the concept has legs and can continue to grow legs. We have had some bumps in the road, but things are getting worked out. It is a public place, the cornerstone of our community, a public house, the name Lone Wolf Coffee Company chosen because of the history there locally, the Lone Wolf Trail at Castlewood State Park, the history of the Lone Wolf Club, a speakeasy in the 30's, also near the park. We have chosen a new name and are working out the details....The Wolf Public House is under search, so far so friggin good. We will have new locations opening up, new things to roll out regarding the continued evolution of the brand.

So there you have it folks, lets have a good year. Lets continue with new attitude, less conforming to the old ways, the pre-conceived notions, the political backdrop of the system, the man and the influence of those who use influence to gain entitlement. Lets stay on the fringe where the artists are. Lets challenge the system on our journey. And if you aren't on a journey, or consider yourself to be on one, consider today the start. Raise your hand and say "I will do it!"

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