Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Mike Aguirre and the Blu-City All-Stars

I am telling you. A great band, Rich McDonough, Preston Hubbard, Big Mike, Joe on the drums. A great show, check back in March when they return.

Slim Louis was in town and took in the show, bass player for Brian Lee, Braille Blues Daddy. Slims in town while Brian heads out to the Grammies for his nomination for best blues contemporary album. Catch Brian and Slim doin their thing in The Big Easy darn near every night of the week, and out on tour. Contact has been made to have these guys come do our house.

Also, Gina Sicilia, With her new 2011 release, Can't Control Myself,

"...Gina broadens her stylistic palette, infusing even more Soul and Americana into her bedrock influences of Blues and R&B. This CD features seven new Gina Sicilia compositions, as well as three choice covers borrowed from Bobby Bland, Stevie Wonder, and Ike & Tina Turner..."

The talent at the Wolf will continue to come if you continue to show that you like it. If you haven't gone and "liked" the wolf, do it now. Become a part of something great.

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Kathy Sammons said...

These guys were really good. I love the blues and was very impressed with their music.

I looked at my husband and said,"Can you believe that we are in Ellisville???" With those great sounds so close to home, I was in heaven.
Thanks for bring this to our 'hood.