Friday, February 11, 2011

Pfoodman Gets Cleand Day 2

Well, everything was going well. Except for the fact that my cheater mixes have not arrived yet. They are supposed to get here today. Rather than wing it on the juicing and the shake recipes, I think it would be much better for me to start the shakes and supplements ASAP. The reason is that I am not a friggin nutritionist and there are depletion's of my energy stores to worry about. Especially when training. Also, instead of doing the week long "pre cleanse", which for some reason I mis-interpreted, I have gone straight in to the "cleanse". Rather than undue what I have done, which is a pretty good kickstart on the program. I will eat a couple solid meals twice a day this week, as not to screw up my system.

that said, it seems quite a shock to the system. The caloric decrease is significant, even though I had a very good lunch of free range chicken and approved vegetables. Going out and doing a mountain bike ride completely exhausted me and compounded my headache, which was present due to the caffeine withdrawal. I always thought that to be a bunch of crap, having a headache after eliminating caffeine. That myth stands firm. I have had a headache for most of yesterday.

The other thing to watch out for, is blood sugar, especially when exercising. Last night in my sleep I woke up feeling bad, bonking out. I had to break my "organic" mode and swig out of a bottle of apple juice. Felt better, still not sleeping well do to having to pee a lot. I have a gu next to my bed stand. Is that odd?

Since starting on Monday at 214 pounds, this morning I was 208. A lot of water loss, I am sure. Probably some dehydration from yesterdays ride. I think this is going to be a little more edgy when if comes to training and intake. I predict an issue with this. So it is no more messing around. Much more attention to the right kinds of nutrition from now on. Feeling a little empowered by this special thing, that I have undertaken. Not at all inconvenienced by the booze or the coffee fast.

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