Friday, February 4, 2011

Rockin Jake: Curator of Vibe

Most St. Louis blues music lovers have heard of him. He is the little guy with a powerful punch on the Harp, one of our towns best performers and a favorite at The Wolf. Jake Jacobs is one of the best entertainers I know and what's funny; he is just as popular in Florida and the Pacific Northwest and other states as he is here. Jake is a road warrior, a hard working pro who knows how to go out on the road and make things happen, earning a living doing what he does best.

I have gotten to know Jake pretty well this past couple of months and we have become friends. Being a harmonica player myself, Jake has been an inspiration, along with Mike Starks (Doc Sweetwood), Eric Mcspadden of Rough Grooves, I rarely miss a show when any of these guys play at The Wolf.

So, introducing Jake Jacobs, Rockin Jake! The Blackhawk Rooms, Curator of Vibe at The Wolf Public House. He will be working the room on Wed. Fri. and Sat. nights, handing over incredible acts like Alvin Jett and Phat noiZ, Rough Grooves, Jake Austin and the City Limits, Steve Pecaro, Melissa Neels, Big Mike Aguire and the Blu-City All-Stars, too many more to mention, making sure the vibe is spot on. This until he returns to life on the road.

Learn all about Jake here.

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Trail Monster said...

Gotta get out there soon. Keep up the great work Jerk.

Feelin' some Death by hills coming soon.