Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thick and Thining the Other

Ok, the Superbowl is over. It is time to get back to work. I say the New Years resolutions begin the day after the Superbowl (not that I watched two seconds of the damn thing) Why? Because we get a break in what we call, indulgence events (other than Valentines day and that's only a big deal if you fail to get your "other" something). I am talkin bout this being the time to find some motivation, get with it, move it out. This is really the last "Zone" of self improvement before the spring creeps in and sooner or later somebody will see you in lycra, or some other tight fitting gown, if you will.

Fact, there are three weeks left in February. March is up and down as far as the weather, but you can at least see the light. April starts the competitive activities that require a tad of conditioning. I plan to have reasonable fitness by then.

Uhkay, I have an announcement to make soon, but I cannot do it yet; not going to do it until I get a book downloaded to my I-pad. I can only say that it will be fairly significant dole out of discipline for this, lately less than disciplined soul. And since I am inpatient when it comes to embarking on something new, I have already become anxious about it. This in order to get ready for some O-sporting this summer, prior to my 50th birthday. I am thinking about doing some cool stuff in Colorado this summer, a lengthy Hut to Hut trip from Fruita to Moab, an epic hike on the Ozark Trail, I also plan to log a bunch of miles in the kayak again. I am still on the fence for the MR340, taking a group of 50 bike riders on a trip from Jeff City to St. Charles, a Capital to Capital grass roots event for the folks at Lindenwood. We'll see what transpires. Call it a renewal. I think renewals are important.

There is no better way to kickstart a renewal by broadcasting your intentions in front of a bunch of people. Like getting married, on the pulpit, all your people there, dressed up, made up real pretty. A dude in a gown chanting and waving some wicked incense over you, people crying and singing and chanting and stuff. You step up and proclaim your commitment to your "other". The likelihood of your not going through with it is diminished. You basically swear to God that you will "thick and thin" the deal and walk off the stage scared shitless.

Yup, all that is left is to make sure I have the right cohorts on board, kind of like a mother in law, or better yet, the meathead roid boy brother of the bride, or a father with a shotgun with a bunch of other shotgun toting cohorts. I need somebody to point at me and say, dude, you treat her (me) bad and I am going to kick some A. I need that discipline, in order to stay on track. We are talking some significant commitments here; some that require some very...serious...adjustments...in...intake. Sniff.

On a lighter note. I have been jamming with Loran Cavano lately on Mondays at the Wolf. What a fun guy, Loran can play that guitar like Buck Owens. Look for a show soon. Some country rock. We played the Soapbox stage at The Wolf last night and didn't run the place empty of townfolk.

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