Monday, February 7, 2011

Warning Adult Content within

It was Super Bowl Sunday. At my age, one rarely expects to see the teenagers or college kids around. They go out and do their thing. Struckman invited the Missus and I, along with the Intern and Natalie, to Scott Bertelsmeyr's house for a Super Bowl party. I was thinking it was an event with the Pfoodman Racing team, sometimes we let are hair down a bit, when the team gets together. I was looking forward to some man time, football, perhaps some cussing, the usual overtones, you know. Man stuff. I warn you now. The video below is graphic and only for adults.


Herekittykitty said...

OMG. Now thats a right passel of young uns! (I think I would have fled!) "Now does Ralph know....?

sigholtz said...

Some really great stories here. I had forgotten alot of those great times! Your Dad on TV was so classic! Thanks for the memories!