Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I will make this short. Because forthcoming will be a bunch of videos that will track the progress of my latest journey.

The progress of what, you ask? I will explain.

I love a good journey, and love to dive head first into stuff after making a decision to go all in. I also like to indulge myself. I like to do pontificate. I like to motivate others. I like to argue. I like to get fit. I like to play music. I like to travel. I like to provide perspective. I like to learn through practicum. I like to speak, write, spew, sing (dance notsomuch). There are more things that I like, but the above sums up why I am embarking on a new journey. Today. Approximatly one year before my 50th birthday.

My friend Jim Davis sent me an article from Outside Magazine the other day. It was their 2011 Health and Fitness Report; The caffeine-free, fully cleansed, take-your-nap, buff-as-hell guide to a whole new you. It was an 8 part overview of what is making for good living, balance and fitness for the year. Christopher Keyes did an overview on Clean, the new book out that promises to Remove, Restore and Rejuvenate, through a very comprehensive process and diet. Jim and I, and likely our spouses in part, will be embarking on this with us.

Now, I am not all that sure why old TTM sent me the article. Probably has something to do with him thinking I needed it, knowing that this old brown dog strayed a tad from the hand that feeds him, the fitness and lifestyle that keeps things balanced.

At the same time, I have been trying to figure out what in the hell could get me motivated, find a course in the right direction, back to my O-Sport stuff, where I can at least get the winter fat off, get a renewed focus on what I like to do best, this just after a one-and-a-half-with-a-full-twist rip into the music culture, which, as I have mentioned, has its own set of rules relating to indulgence. I am not where I want to "be".

My guess is that Jim Davis (Team Trail Monster) and I are very similar in our daily doings of stuff. I can say with confidence that we are both tough guys, we both like the same types of things and we both feel comfortable going to the ceiling with our profundity, our sport and our storytelling. Not a bad thing, a good thing. There is indeed a condition of our existence, that we must circle back around from time to time, find that inner balance, to be who we desire to be. Perhaps it is to be a better O-Sporter, a better father, husband, musician, leader, teacher, motivator, it doesn't matter. TTM and I feel that there are a lot of us "types" out there. The next 28 days are for you.

Read all about here

Check back daily for all that unfolds in this thing. I am sure it will be interesting. We will be doing before and after photos, videos and commentary along the way. Meanwhile the first item to take care of is to get the pantry in order. This will more than likely be an eye opener.

Bon Api-clean,
Sent: Mon 2/7/2011 2:43 PM


I stumbled on this article, or series I guess, while on a routine trip to the
Dentist. My interest was peaked enough to return to the office and go
online to read it all. Hype, I dunno. I think I will venture down a couple
of these paths for a month, or at least try. I am not sure why, but while
reading this I thought of you. Maybe it's your O-Sport induced life you
maintain, or the hectic schedules I assume you keep as a pFoodman, Jimmyleg,
and/or even Ralph, either way, here is the link, enjoy at your leisure.

Until next time.


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Kathy Sammons said...

Ralph you were cracking me up with the way you told your story in the first video.

I wish you luck in your cleanse, you are a stronger person than I. I used to be very dedicated to getting and staying fit, I find it much harder the older I get. I do not have problems with exercise because I enjoy that... it is the not eating and drinking thing that is a problem for me!!

I will check back to see how you are doing.