Friday, April 29, 2011

Hidden Importance of Royal Wedding Within!

I awoke this morning to the TV playing loudly, and a bunch of pre-adolescent kids singing something that I couldn't understand. In front of the TV, on the floor, sat my wife, crying. It was the Royal wedding, and she had gotten up at 4:00 AM to watch the days events unfold.

We have been to London and toured most of the areas highlighted in the broadcast. I think this had something to do with why she got up to watch. But, like most people, the reason was more along the lines of wanting to be "taken away" into a fairy tail world; the same reason why the other million or so households tuned in.

And that is what the whole thing appeared to be, a snapshot of British fairy tail goodness. The history and the discipline towards the legacy and customs of the Royal Throne. What do we see when we partake in such a spectacle? And why do we tune in?

I can tell you why. Kate for one. She is absolutely the best pick for the job. And it is a job. Her poised and pure projection of what a princess should be is spot on. Anyone with a daughter likely sees a smidgen of Kate in her, or vice versa. That is why I sat and watched for two hours this morning with Janie, the Royal Wedding. And that is precisely why I became emotional when they closed in on her face and her smile. She is absolutely what a princess should be.

As I attempt to wrap up my take on the wedding, it is necessary to highlight a couple things.

-William will be bald in two years. Trust me on this.

-A behind the scenes army of lay people scooping op horse poop must have been as well planned as the wedding itself.

-Did someone tell the ladies at the wedding that those hats enhance their beauty?

-Communion must be going on into the latter part of the month.

-They are gonna need a couple two sided buffet tables for the banquet.

-Children choirs are a little creepy.

I don't want anyone to think that I don't get as wrapped up in the hoopla as anyone else. The wedding will be a topic of conversation all day long: "Did you see the wedding?" or "Wasn't Kate gorgeous!" and the most important.... "Prince Gabbert went to the Jaguars!"

All in all I enjoyed the broadcast, but I also feel a personal connection to Al and Matt and the rest of the NBC crew. It was a well covered event. Thanks to the throne for taking us away from the grind, or perhaps, for getting us up early before the grind, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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