Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The High Roaders

It is official. Loran Cavano is the real deal. He and Brian approached me a while back and asked if I would sing and play guitar and harmonica in their Band, the High Roaders. Well sure enough, we made the jump Monday night by connecting to the songs that Loran has handpicked. It is a country rock kind of gospel stuff with a little rockabilly in it. Not something I have done before and it certainly challenged me. I am not a lead guitar player, but rhythm I can work myself through pretty well. Plus my new custom Bill Moore solid body, recently set up to my specs, seems to be working for me. The harp playing is much more of a quick pop note play instead of the blues bend style that I have become used to. I am loving it.

We have a CD coming out soon and my guess is that you will be surprised. Reminds me of the type of harmonizing I used to do with my good friend Matt Woods when we were kids. I always loved singing with others. Look for this new CD in the next couple months.

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