Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Appalled by the human culture experiment.

Is it unfashionable and/or un-American to think that broadcasting the hunt and killing of a (fugitive) kind of makes me feel, well, barbaric? I mean, the shouts and cheering in our cities, the bold font and type in our newspapers, the ongoing testimonials of how the killing unfolded, the high fiving, the bravado that occurred as a result of our countries military work. Not to mention the proud parents of a young military man boasting that their son was possibly the one taking the life of a terrorist. No matter how much of a schmuck the dude was, I am repulsed by the whole thing.

Now, let's assume that he actually was killed yesterday. I heard many a patron of the Wolf yesterday citing conspiracy stuff--that he has been dead for years, that he died of natural causes (kidney disease) and that the fed, well, they made a big deal of it. Because if he were to have died earlier, he would have become a martyr, and that would have been an Adrenalin shot to Alquida. If you have access to a coffee house pretty much all of the day, you get to hear the communities take on this stuff. I am hearing that our government had more of a propaganda agenda than anything else. I am just saying what I heard. Who wants to talk about the fed, ever?

I have healed from the bombings in New York, moved on. I have been able to fade the images that burned into my memory and gone to a place where those things don't sit atop my daily influence. Never had images effected me in such a way. I wasn't in New York, but some of my family was. I am not sure if they descended on ground zero to revel when the killing of Bin Laden was confirmed. Instead I would like to think that they closed their eyes and thought "What a world we live in"--a tear of pity for all human beings and our condition.

No there is no obligatory reveling coming from me. Today I am not all that proud to admit to participating in the overall human experience. We suck as humans. Our standard should be higher than this. Perhaps we can blow things up to make it better.

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