Thursday, May 26, 2011

Interesting things inside the walls of the WPH

First off, the above is what every board room should look like. Period. Got a guitar to sell, let me know and we will keep it here for business hours viewing. Put it on Craigs list and my administrative gals will show them for you. Of course, I am always buying cool stuff.

Straight line winds swept all the tables into the corner on yet another day of rain and wind. We feel for the folks in Joplin, a container for supplies to be dropped today. Bring your stuff.

The Lewiscar. Not the batcar, but much nicer, a work of art in itself. Have you ever heard him coming. He has a crazy exhaust system that alerts his fans of his arrival. We love Lewis and his generous personality. Thank goodness for interesting people.
Blackie Starks of the Isaac James Band. Last night jamming with his Dad, Mike Starks (Doc Sweetwood). Look for Blackie to do an acoustic set at The Wolf.

Above, another jammer from last night, Richie Callison, former lead vocalist with Geezer Butler of BLACK SABBATH and HEAD EAST, has completed the promotional video for the new single 'Run Back', from his latest self-titled Clearview Records CD. The video was edited and co-produced by Bryan Loss and Richie Callison. Check it out below.

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