Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lewis Visit

It had been a while since I stopped by my good friend Lewis Greenbergs house. I mean, he stops by my place quite a bit. Occasionally I like to return the gesture. He has a circuit of fans that he must touch every day. The Wolf is just one of the places we can catch Lewis doing his thing. I promised the Planet (Mike Marino) that we would visit Lewis and take in the artwork. I told him also that he would be changed forever, Lewis delivered.

A couple Sundays ago I saw one of my employees and her dad interviewing Lewis for what would become a class paper. As Lewis unwound the answers to her questions, the father did what most people do, listen with intense interest with his jaw dropped; Lewis, a walking canvass of broadcast. To engage him is a journey, one that takes you into a world of anger, sadness, joy and sorrow in a psychedelic rhetorical spew. You have to be a little patient at times. Trust me, getting to know Lewis is a treat.

Lewis has been working on several projects in his house. And man, things have evolved on the interior. If you have the chance to visit, open your eyes and ears, and listen to the broadcast, enjoy the display of art, dig deep in to his mind until you find "it"-- a reflection of ones self, without the boundaries of conformity.

There doesn't seem to be as much hate for Lewis in the community as in years past. I applaud those who have learned to accept diversity and, our people, instead of carrying a torch, choose to embrace him for what he is. Bravo to those who get it.

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