Monday, June 6, 2011

Ballwin Days Bike and Blues Experience

Whew, it was darned hot out there. But what a day and what an inaugural race of what will become and epic adventure. I loved the family participation, lots of kids. lots of give a ways from local business. It was a great start to a new face on Ballwin Days.

The Green Monster, after a day of work, rests again, until next time...

The torque needed to pull through the sand, as evidenced by the gun show above.

I did it!

With a little help from my friend.

Team mate Mike Wise shredding the monster.

Zack Hafner, back in his usual form.

Lemans starts kind of, well, they are rough.

The King of the Royal Council (Bill Howard) speaks to the minions.

The Green Monster far exceeds the Schnucks Grocery Carts appeal.

The Strand.

The Pfoodman approaching meltdown.

But he stays in front of Bert, for the moment.

Then he makes a massive pull during a transition.

Team Mate Darrin Marlow pretty much shredded the field.

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