Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Branding Fuels Pfoodman's Renaissance

Discovering the need to focus on branding and concept development can sneak up like a bad cold. Before you know it, energy is low and projections are not on plan; the need to renew is eminent.  It's best to be prepared." --Ralph Pfremmer, CEO of Pfoodman Holdings L.L.C., St. Louis, MO.

"Understanding the need to refresh and renew doesn’t happen over night. It's a process that, if not planned accordingly, can require significant project work in order to get back on track" says Ralph Pfremmer, CEO of Pfoodman Holdings L.L.C. Not the case for The Pfoodman Group, who last May presented Lindenwood University's new branding package at Evans Commons in St. Charles, MO. The state of the art student center opened in the fall, and already remodels on satellite food service operations and proprietary roll-outs are underway, as part of the planned continuous quality improvement standard.

Pfremmer takes what he calls a "reality check" approach to operations. "The task at Lindenwood was to create an affordable product package that suits the needs of the entire campus while providing trending analysis along the way; feedback for optimal efficiencies moving forward.  It's a balance of administrative aptitude, customer relations and market aptitude". Pfremmer also says that moving a single unit board operation to multi-unit operations can be tricky.  The logistics can be a huge paradigm shift for any institution. Pfoodman is one of the few companies equipped to provide this service on a personal level, without the big company influence.

Pfoodman began as a boutique regional business in central Missouri and is now headquartered in St. Louis MO. "We started at the turn of the century, 2000" says Pfremmer. The new branding package, which includes innovative food court and board operation programs are part of a "coming out" for Pfoodman--the beginning of new strategic plan attract and service customers with a desire to be the best.

As part of a national expansion into new markets, Pfremmer has not been afraid to invest in brand/product development as part of a strategy to become significant in the marketplace. "Companies such as Sodexho/Marriot, Compass Group and Aramark boast billion dollar sales and come well equiped on the exterior. The next chapter in our story is to compete where it makes sense, gravitating to the client who needs the entrepreneurial edge, that which is at the core of Pfoodman"

**Pfoodman is an on-site catering management company that offers quality dining service programs in three markets including education, business/industry, and senior living. Pictured above, Pfoodman's registered trademark, Wild Thyme's Wellness. 

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