Friday, January 6, 2012

The Davis and Billy Jack rap.

Good morning.  Another 65 degree day planned.  As has been the case in the past, I have had to schedule, (as in make an appointment), for my workouts that now... include riding bikes.  This is the only way.  And I won't feel guilty about making time during my workday to pull it off.  Because it truly is often the only way one can provide discipline to "get it back".  I won't be offering excuses like:  "I have had a bad year", or "I just cannot get the energy after going through all that" crap. Perhaps a groan here or there.

So there I sat with Wendy Davis Tuesday morning.  If you have not heard of her, you will, because I will be watching and writing about her a little more closely on her journey to get well...whatever or wherever she wants to get.  This was the conversation; ending up or enjoying the ride.  I told her it ain't about getting there, it is about a canvass that you paint into your perfect world along the way.  It is a journey that requires navigation and it changes as your canvass takes on meaning.  The first thing you do is embark.  Raise your hand, get up, get off your ass and do, first.  It's a long strange trip, one that, if you fail to recognize that the journey is the purpose, you can get all caught up in the "ending up". I have most recently done this myself.  Wendy totally gets it.  And she helped me get my arms wrapped around my own personal need to renew my core values. Or at least a picture of someone with decent core values.

There are others like her, but this gal is tough as nails and is not afraid to cry out about how good she feels about who she is, while declaring her love for her husband and child, while glancing over her shoulder at her past as a reminder of her journey.  

You would have to to get the picture.  I recomend you get aquanted.  Her husband is pissing me off by losing a ton of weight and embracing that which we all try from time to time, a moderate indulgence and active living lifestyle important to the journey.  Jim Davis is in the 180's?  We call Jim the Trailmonster for his impeccable trail stewardship down on the Ozark Trail, a place, where, if you let it get into your soul, you will return often.  As was the case with the Davis's, I reckon.  ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout. 

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