Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brown County

I have indulged myself with a re-finishing of my original Brown Dog songs as of late, and am heading into the studio to chronicle on a CD so I can put something together with a project band someday, these are the original songs that I wrote as part of our song set at The Lone Wolf back in 2010. The show will have the usual obscure covers that we used to do. On this project I plan on only playing the harmonica, because the vocals require my full attention, which translates to "I would more than likely screw it up on the guitar".  Nevertheless, I will be putting together a CD and a two hour show to be pimped out at a private party near you.  I don't do the bars.

This a different project than the now virtually famous group, Loran Cavano and the High Road.  This is as close to perfect as one can get.  We are a Bakersfield Sound genre with a bunch of originals.  Because of Loran, I have become a better guitar player and gotten down and dirty with harmony like never before.  We have that certain something.  Nope, I don't get to put my name off the front, I am buried in the High Road, as is bassman Brian Vandergriffe, because we totally prefer it that way.  Loran is a great songwriter and it is totally committed.  We are having a blast.

The name of the album will be called Brown County, a southern blues/rock genre featuring songs about some of my favorite rural river communities; their quirky people and the stupid things they do.  Some of the songs are a takeoff of some poetry that I did back in the 90's while studying communications at Lindenwood University.  Some of the stuff got published, believe it or not.  I reckon this is just as good a follow up to that small achievement. 

Looking forward to working with Alvin Zamudio on the arrangements, and plan on begging Gary Holiday to work his magic on the mixing, and hand picking a couple of my favorites to help on the guitars and rhythm section. This will be another Jimmyleg Presents project and a new template for producing other CD's moving forward.  It it works, we will be packaging up the concept for those special artists wanting a leg up. 

Hopefully it will be done by Christmas.

I want to Elcamino Baby
Shore of Cattawissa
You Can't Do Better
Mississippi Mud Bottom Blues
Little Sister
Keep your Distance

We'll see how it turns out. 

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herekittykitty said...

Glad to see my song made the cut!