Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dewey Richars

Back when I started this blog, like, 5 or 6 years ago, I wrote about Lewis Greenberg and his troubles with the city of Ballwin because of his yard art. It wasn't as much about the art as it was about the person, who was embattled in a posturing standoff with city officials who wanted to test the boundaries of his rights, while he tested theirs.  I didn't cover much of what was at the root of the legal system, rather, I got into the Lewis picture, and began to understand him.  I grew fond of Lewis and we became friends.  I still watch out for him when I can, as others do.  He revealed to me his inner warmth as a human being and I found that to be what was most inspiring.  Not to mention he is true to who he is, authentic.

So I have met another interesting human being whom I would like to write about from my community, Dewey Richars.  Now, I will have to get with him on a couple things and figure out the angle; what it is you would want to know about him and find interesting about him, but I am pretty sure that it will surface when I get to know him a little better.  You see, Dewey has an ability to listen, and his memory recall about the Seventh Inn, a now shuttered restaurant (burned down in 06) seems to be an interesting backdrop; the controversy surrounding the closure, the family who owned it, the interesting perspective that he has on the community and the people patronizing an upscale restaurant back in its heyday.   

So check back about Dewey, I promise an interesting perspective on the life of one of another one of our more colorful citizens.

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