Monday, June 4, 2012

Pimping seeds of genius

The other day I was helping a friend set up a blog and some other social media stuff  and, as part of the tee-up process, wrote an article on her behalf to kick things off.  The article is written here and it was based on an interview about her desire to jump into the circle of entrepreneurship.  So in the spirit of bootstrapping, it makes sense that she start by coming out with a basic social media presence to set the framework for her company.  Like many others, she needed to figure out the basics in order to, at least, get the process started and not become overwhelmed.  

So I gave her the rundown on a few things, started her a blog and set her up to use the various platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Linkedin,Youtube.  I will connect them all for her and help with her launch.  She will spend the next several weeks reaching out to her connections. That is the intention anyway.  It won't happen over night and there are dangers if you are new at it.

Anyway, after identifying her personal branding platform; those pillars by which the core values of a proprietor or a company support the branding identity, it was pretty easy to figure out that her vision for the product is what sets her apart. And it is that vision that will provide for her the greatest distinction. 

Of course, all successful business's don't necessarily need to be "visionary" or hover on the cutting edge of product development.  There are many ways to dinstinguish a product.  But hers has to do with a specific talent; an ability to see which seeds and seelings, when combined just right, will eventually grow into a most excellent masterpiece.  This in relationship to pots, containers, gardens, landscape projects and even community advocacy on overall horticultural endeavor. 

So this is what we shall pimp; the distinction of her vision being better than anyone else when it comes to visualizing successful planning of all things botanical.  And with her vision comes life, fulfillment, value and personal gain for anyone buying from her: oxygen, exercise, colorful living things to nurture and feel good about.  This is what you get for your money if you choose to business with her.  Enter her world, join her culture, be in her tribe and benifit. 

I found this quote:  "To see things in the seed, that is genius." - Lao-tzu

In reference to Lao-tzu, its people and their hidden potential to do amazing things that interest me the most (regardless of whether or not things can be monetized). Its the use of my own vision; seeing the potential in others to help develop that special broadcast of personal branding that makes for an interesting project.  Everybody has a distinction worth mentoring, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.


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herekittykitty said...

iknowwhatyourtalkin about. Read it to Jules and Kelsey and all of us started crying. What a great bday present for someone you have know for a long time and believe in. Thanks from the bottom of my heart bro. It is priceless what you are helping her do. Love ya