Monday, July 23, 2012

Silver Bullets

I wish I could comment on what I really think about the shootings in Denver.  The fact that it touches so many political, spiritual and emotional hot buttons makes it one of those topics that I have to keep to myself for my own edification.  I watch, however, the others (OK, its facebook and twitter), spew their opinions in anger, in posture--this really bothers me about the social media experience.  I would not have been exposed to so much bullshit if I were not engaged in it on a normal basis.   

Most social media conversations I have seen are opportunistic in an effort to exploit a cause, or to prop-up a platform previously promoted and/or shared.  It's cliche, if you ask me, creepy to say "I told you so" or "I could have predicted this"--like there is an answer to the human condition; the remedy to fixing the outcasts that do this sort of thing; kill people for whatever reason. Some folks get as excited as network TVs talking heads, when providing opinion and/or taking others to task on their opinions. I understand that it is a phenomena, the social expression of grief and dismay over the tragedy, spoken outwardly online in social networks.  They are hurting, it is right to put that into perspective.  Anger is always better than sadness, IMO.

Perhaps there should be no attention, no Dateline Specials, no posturing or muscle flexing from political rivals, no opportunity for anyone to see or share Jack Squat about the medias interpretation of "why".  Ban the media from anything other than justice oriented stuff.  No interviews from the right wing, left wing, gun control advocates, the more government folks, the less government folks.  How about there is less attention all together on the...yes, the exploitation of the tragedy itself.

Kill the drivel that drives a mass murderers attention seeking fervor down to that which is as meaningless as a quick fix to the fact that Some People Just Kill People. 

I am saddened and confused like the rest of us, but choose not to engage any of you on the topic of the quick fix.  This country (the world we live in) is not in a quick fix state of being.  We evolved to where we are.  We have manifested our current state.  As awful as it sounds, we pretty much can count on taking one on the chin from time to time, because it is what we bargained for, its what we have created for ourselves. We are responsible.  Nope, I don't have a quick fix to send out over the social canals. I cannot even put things into perspective thinking about how one human being can do that to another. All I know is that our culture is represented in that red haired son-of-a-bitch and the media has made a household name out of him.  And that we can all be accountable for.

There are no silver bullets ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout. 

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