Monday, October 22, 2012

Zombie My Head

I finished up another episode of the Walking Dead last night.  This instead of the Cardinal game, by the way.  No, I didn't splash myself with jelly and fake blood, or tear up an old button down.  Not like getting pumped for the game with the choice between home team colors or away colors. Zombie lovers remain a little more restrained, except at seasons end, where I certainly plan on having a party and a contest for everything Zombie.  Kind of like the Spartacus folks, they have some cool end of season duds display.

Now that I can only watch one episode at a time each week, I am feeling a little less than nourished.  I got caught up on Netflix pretty quickly with the Walking Dead; we are in season three and a mere 3 episodes in.  I can hardly keep my act together. 

Lets face it, zombie movies are not really about the zombies.  Its about mankind and the fight to exist after an apocalyptic event.  This seems to be the setting for any movie with zombies.  For some reason I am into the characters on the show and their individual abilities to fight for their lives and the others in their group. The writing is superb.

For those of you who need some education, there are lots of books out there on zombies.  I am reading a book right now. World War Z, by Max Brooks, the son of actor and comedian Mel Brooks. He is the expert.

From the website:

WORLD WAR Z is Max Brook's life’s work. Logging countless hours of travel to capture and preserve first-hand experiences from the Dark Years, Brooks records in great detail the one aspect that has been neglected in all previous retellings of this war: the extraordinary job we did in coming together to thwart our extinction and reign triumphant.

It's about the years after an outbreak, nothing new in relationship to the stories already told, but this one brings social and political ramifications on a reduced society, parallel with the perspective of the mistakes on behalf of a host of governments before, during and after infection.  It's pretty well done.  It will be my last Zombie Book for a while. I am immersing myself for a reason that I will disclose in another writing.

Max Brooks also wrote The Zombie Survival Guide; perhaps the main reference point for things moving forward with Zombies.  World War Z is being made in to a movie and people are getting pumped.  The groundwork is being laid for the renaissance and block buster return on investment for movie makers and Zombie lovers, as evidenced in The Ralph Account's acknowledgement; if I'm writing about it, it will be the schniz. 

Not that I am consumed by the whole thing.  But I admire the fact that there is an education taking place, a cultivation of Zombie lovers, rules to using the term, and a general understanding of how the stories unfold, universally. It's a huge part of popular culture in 2012.  Are we not proud?!

My friend won a Zombie Run the other day.  That pretty much speaks for the rise of the culture, ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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