Friday, May 25, 2007

Executive Chef Anton Keller

From St. Louis Magazine

....a chef, who looked like what you might expect Central Casting to send over if you asked for a chef, strode through the dining room — impeccable chef's whites, meticulously trimmed beard, piercing eyes. This, we learned later, was Swiss-born Anton Keller, who has a globe-trotting resume that includes hotels and restaurants from Hong Kong to the Helmsley-St. Moritz in New York City to Nebraska...

Go here to see a live broadcast of his talent

Chef Keller Joined Pfoodman recently to head up new culinary development. Darned if I can find a picture of him. The above words taken from St. Magazines review on his prior achievment, The Tuxedo Room in the Grand Corridor, will have to do. This past Wednesday we went to see a client in Indianapolis, and while there, knocked out a dinner for twenty as part of a pre-marketing partnership for the New Stratford at West Clay Senior Living Community located in Carmel Indiana. Very upscale, three distinct restaurants will shape the hospitality program offered there by Silverset, Pfoodman's senior living dining service division.


RENATO said...

very nice, muy interesante this is propicio pra aknow more im like.

Anonymous said...

Chef renato, OMG, you are famous too, we should talk. Coffee sometime?