Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sofia's Bistro

Sofia Bistro is just a short walk from Downtown Clayton.
Located at 7401 Pershing Ave, on the corner with Jackson Ave.
(One block East of Hanley Ave and a block South of Delmar Blvd)
Reservations are suggested:
314-862 5224
Ah, to seek out and patronize the independent restaurateur heroes. That is the mission of this epicurean. While corporate restaurants close daily in Chester-field-of-strip mall, my wife and I, and friends, find refuge in the cities fine restaurants from time to time. This weeks venture was Sofia's Bistro, on Pershing ave., right next door to where Truffes bakery resided. They have since moved to North Skinker. Truffes is an occasional vendor for Pfoodman/Hospitality Services, at times providing specialty desserts for catering. I was familiar with this neighborhood from my visits there.

The signs in the windows present a sadness; the shuttered businesses in such a quaint neighborhood known for its boutique businesses. Hopefully there will be someone to fill in the blanks, soon. Sofia's seemed to be the only light shining in what is considered a hidden gem of neighborhood commercial cornerstone.

We arrived at Sofia's after a tour of the Central West end. Janie collaborated with Debbie Raskas for a couple hours on the phone and out of that, it was decided that we would meet at Sofia's on Pershing. I have always thought of Pershing as being off of Debalvedere. Not the case, we scoured the neighborhood to no avail. I hate directions and pride myself on the ability to navigate without the help of maps or guidance. Janie saw a guy with a gun and made me stop and ask directions. I told him to go ahead and hop in and show us where the heck we were going. We went to the Central West End and Sofia's wasn't there either.

As it turns out, the Pershing Ave. that we wanted was the one just east of Clayton before you get to Forest Park Parkway. We Del Mar backtracked it from the West End and made it there in time to meet our friends the Raskas's, dropping off the gang banger and his glock at the Chop Suey joint on Hamilton just east of the loop. Janie gave him a big hug and got his email for later chain mail forwarding purposes.

It is a patio place, quaint neighborhood and solid euro style menu. Somewhat limited, but to me that is a plus. Three of us had the Pepper Steak and salad served Ala Cart, all perfectly prepared and served nicely by our waiter, a college student aged "nice-kid". The skies opened up on our patio party so moving inside was the only option. They accommodated everyone on the patio without a hitch. I was willing to sweat it out but the chicks would have nothing of it.

The wine list was very complete with a large selection of wines by the glass offered from a couvenet. Most wines by the glass were offered at 7-8 dollars. Entrees were moderately priced, total with gratuity for two was around 75 dollars.

The owner, Teddy Ivanov, sat at the bar overseeing the nights production. I would have liked him to come over and introduce himself rather than make me wonder who the "metro" at the bar was. I say throw the hand out there whenever possible to those that enter your dwelling. As a former Matre D' of a couple fine clubs when I was younger, it was always me who sought out the friendships of my customers for the purpose of building the business. Most people are interested in a story, the majestic stature of being the house lord. Vince Bommerito was and still is the master of this. The warmth of Teddy's personality was absent.

We had a great experience at Sofia's and plan to return, if not for dinner then maybe just a glass of wine and a salad in the bar or on the patio. I recommend you visit this restaurant.

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herekittykitty said...

The most masterful of all of the handshakers "Hi, Ralph Pfremmer, damn glad to meet you." Ralph Pfremmer Sr. He's shakin hands in heaven now.