Saturday, June 30, 2007

Being in the pile

Crocker came out to dinner with the wife and I last night. Went to Frank Papas and enjoyed good conversation and Italian fare served nicely from the family owned restaurant in Brentwood. Frank Papa is a Johnson and Whales grad, but I won't hold that against him. The Rhode Island culinary school has cranked out some of the best chefs in the country. Nice meal, great company, a nice way to end the week, blah, blah, blah. The two parties (Crocker and my wife and I) got in to their European cars with roof mount bike wracks and drove away. Us back to the county, Crocker back to his home in Maplewood. I like Crocker, for his intellectual capacity and conversation skills. That is important when dealing with issues like Ann Coulter, the Health Care worker crisis and BMX.

OMG, vacation won't happen soon enough. My attitude is bad because of this knee issue. Can't really exercise, the rain will keep that from happening this morning anyway. I think I need some controversy, other than work, something real, something tricky, a full monty emulsion-submersion. I need Lewis Greenberg to help me get back on track.

In one hour I will call Lewis Greenberg to check in. I haven't seen him in a while and I need an attitude adjustment anyway. He is good for that and I have some time to write this week coming. He keeps things wacko, though right on track with his art and his progression. There is controversy lately with his artwork spilling into the lives of his neighbors home values. He has been the topic of a couple TV reports. It is funny how many have come to his side, backing him up on his authenticity. His life is his canvas now, there ain't no holding back. It is for all to see. There is something pure about Lewis, his authenticity, I need a dose of that. We all do.

Fact is, I have been getting too caught up in all the conformity and plan to take a break, for fear of going off the deep end and tossing whatever patience I have left for this "career thing" in to the Current River, the White River or the Eleven Point River . I have a kayak, I will go and do it, stay for a while, until my face grows full of hair and my white t-shirt turns muddy brown. I will emerge from the jungle with the medallion, a Shawnee arrowhead hanging from twisted feral hog gut, around my neck for all to see.

There is a certain cleansing effect that comes with this sort of realization--that I am sick of it all (again) and that I will soon go up to the mountain top, see the guru, glean the wisdom, peace, heavenly body. I will "poof" myself into a silly glow of color-happy. Now, I am not sure that Lewis is capable of all that, but he combined with my trip to Colorado on Monday, might be enough to get me to shave my head and wear some toga. I am so bringing my Regal Blues guitar to Telluride. At the very least, I will get an attitude adjustment by just getting out of town.

I was even looking through my posts on this blog, and frankly, I have not been living up to the original mission. So the Ralph Account has provided me with what I needed to know, during this experiment. I am not being radical enough and, to truly find a release, to really become authentic, you have to go underground, for fear of....stuff. When I started writing, it was in an effort to get to the edge a bit, free myself from the conventional "isms". Go to the ceiling on some stuff. I think that is where I shall go from here. Is it necessary to go underground to achieve the maximum release of energy, that which is totally authentic, too risky for some of those who rely on my stable ability? This blog is dead. I will see to its resurrection.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I came away from the dinner remembering conversations about punk-rock, speed-metal-flamenco, the upcoming derth of youth, and a giant, flamming-red Keistermobile. You came away with Ann Coulter, the Health Care worker crisis and BMX. What a wonderful thing it is to be human and able to converse.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Keister might show in Telluride with the Damnation alley "lite" model.

Though it might be a bit cosmo.