Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Will you look at that piece of manly goodness? Never has a Baldknobber joined the ranks of the Wapiti tribe, but we lassoed one in on the first Wapiti Adventure at Taneycomo in Branson last week. Doug Thomson was honorary chief guide of the week, taking Bald Guy and myself for the days trout fishing. We barely had room for the fish we caught, flapping and jumping in the bottom of the boat, getting my legs all slimy as Kevin reeled in a couple tropheys. Funny, the camera jammed.


Colorado Ken said...

Nice shirt, Pfood. But you left the tag on. I bet your wearing a tie with it. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider getting some Wapiti shirts in sizes larger than medium.

Mine fits like a glove!


Rodrigo said...

Oi, achei teu blog pelo google tá bem interessante gostei desse post. Quando der dá uma passada pelo meu blog, é sobre camisetas personalizadas, mostra passo a passo como criar uma camiseta personalizada bem maneira. Até mais.

herekittykitty said...

OK dude, whats up with the hat. Looks like you got it at the pro shop at International Golf. HAHA I too shall need a larger size Wapiti shirt My oxygen takes up too much room.