Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Thrasher said, in response to the Hilton piece:

"My mealy-mouth co-workers are either talking about pro sports or this kind of drivel because they have no lives. This vacuous existence of these Midwestern zombies is enough to make you want to go on a killing spree sometimes".

Oh good lord man! Get a hold of yourself. We live in a world filled with Vampires and Zombie's. The trick is outing them. Carefully exposing them, correcting them, making fun of them, recounting stories of their exploits, providing contrast in our own lives, for the sake of mankind. And Craig, a little less coffee?

Best Zombie movie ever go here. 28 days. After an infection from some monkeys, havoc wreaks. I think there is a sequel, 28 weeks coming out soon. Looking forward to that.

So we covered Vampires, those pesky individuals who try and suck the blood out of anyone who thrives.--those who capitalize on the occasional ill fate of others to increase their position--those who aim to look good at the expense of someone else looking bad. Zombie's are different. Kind of a bunch of losers, not really coy enough to be a Vampire. They didn't make the Vampire team, or made the team but didn't play. Zombie's could merely be "B" team Vampires. A pain in the ass, but less of a danger, less cunning.

Candidates for Zombie's often find themselves in a lurch and seek fulfillment through the modern media, that which is driven by popular icons, pillars of controversy, sporting teams, virtual experience. Their perception is that which is given to them, from other zombies, others who subscribe to the "process". They are the humdrum and siphon more and more pre- manufactured information from the tanks of refined influence. They eat it, inject it, swallow data, large amounts of uninteresting information and seek more, more, more. They suffer if not exposed to that which is mainstream, falling in to the spell of popular culture, conformity and general uninteresting drivel.

I saw a zombie on a bike once, a stack of National Enquire in her basket.


"Yep, I am going to Wapiti my butt soon. Rise up to the upper elevations before hunting season. Me and Tecumseh have some talking to do. Then I'm a comin back to do me some Zombie huntin, try and convert a few, take a handful of Vampires and a couple Zombies out on a mountain bike ride. Cause they say you got to go low before you get high".


Anonymous said...

Kill the brain and you kill the beast.


Craig said...

As you know, I don't "do" coffee. The schitt is nasty. Diet Pepsi or Mtn. Dew is my wakey-wakey juice.

Yeah, I was feeling a little irreverent after an encounter with a drone who inquired "how was your weekend." No question mark there, because it was not a real inquiry, just a programmed response to seeing someone on a "Moonday" morning.

And, yes, I had "a case of the Moondays" in Corporate America Hell, but I'm over it.

I'm just thanking God that it's not "Cards shirt and jeans day" today.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Is there a birthday cake everyday near the microwave. That is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

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