Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Look Close

I stole this photo from the site because a team mate of mine offered up the pose. Pfoodman sponsors Velo Force, a bike race team in St. Louis. I still race, but less occasional these days, I like mainly the regional mountain bike races and the Cyclocross series that Big Shark Bicycles puts on each year in the fall. I suppose I will occasionally show up at a road race, or train for some Crits here or there. It truly depends on the amount of time and effort I have to put towards the season. Injuries have kept me from doing much in the way of Crit Racing. The dirt is a little more crash friendly, once the skill level for descending is achieved. Nobody tends to fall down in front of you, taking the whole field out. Too many broken bones.

The Gateway Cup takes place each year throughout the city of St. Louis over Labor Day weekend. It is a great event, offering up the best riders in the region.

Last Saturday we busted out a century with the Pfun Club in anticipation of the MS ride this week. When coming in the Creve Courer Lake we saw Tilford and his clan coming up the hill. Not a helmet on a one of them. Style is important...

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Boz said...

I'll see if I can get Wapiti on the podium again this weekend and this time get some photo ops!