Thursday, October 18, 2007

Body Worlds Comments

I chose this particular picture in celebration of my new Chiropractor, Roy. I still can't remember his last name. I have to defer to Bald guy, Kevin. He is the one who introduced me to him, goes to church with him etc.

Funny thing is, I can remember where Roy lives, where he went to school, where his kids graduated college from, where he teaches, when his classes are, what gripes him about the young kids of today. What his horses are like....But remember his last friggin name? WTF?

I am thinking that there is an environmental mental dislodging that took place in my late teens and twenties than no adjustment can fix. Knowhatimsayin?

Anyway. Props go out to Roy and his ability to bring back to me my sleep. I have apparently been suffering from some phase two neck problems, lower back and other. I have jacked myself up more times than I can think of. A bad fall in 02 must have done the damage, plus a football injury in high school. Spearing. Honestly though, have you ever been to a Chiro and they said, "congrats, you are perfect"? No, because you were in pain and your spine is crooked. Mine has always been crooked. I told Roy to make it so I could stop peeing at night. He took care of the problem. I swear, I am not peeing as much. He says it is because the nerves get agitated around the lower area and these screw up something with the bowels that press on the bladder or whatever. Now I am sleeping through Paul Harvey's morning spew. Good day.

So I am buying in to the chiro thing. How can you not? If pain relief happens, you should worship your knuckle cracker daily. I explained to Roy that I am not necessarily your run of the average pimp. I am a masters athlete, I go fast at stuff. He asked if I ride the Katy.....

I should send him this shot on Peaks Trail between Breckenridge and Frisco, day one of a 5 day mountain bike excursion in Co last summer.

I ain't bragging or nothin. There are old guys much more fit than I. I am just saying. The body ca be pushed to the limits, and at 45, we are not finished having fun, going to full excursion, taking risks, chances, living life to its fullest. We owe it to ourselves, so our kids will see the true meaning of action hero, a parent who gets "air". To me, it is worth it. So Roy and I have become friends.

So back to Body Worlds 3. Pfoodman is helping to underwrite the exhibition. My staff will be there Friday to welcome and feed the guests coming to the extravaganza, a anatomical exhibition of real human bodies, by Gunther Von Hagens. It has been as controversial as the cloned sheep thing. So when asked to provide the food at such a theme, well, I was a bit perplexed. Jerky came to mind. But who really likes jerky?

I put Chris Lupo and Chef Anton Keller on it. We should have around 600 guests, milling around, tasting our food, doing the social thing prior to going in and seeing the exhibitions. I am hoping our menu items are a good fit with the exhibition. I can't really say I have been challenged with this sort of thing before. On one side of the wall, delicately placed skinless bodies posing in life movement. On the other side of the wall, a carving station with four Sous Chefs with sharp knives. Hello?

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Anonymous said...

Jerky is right!
Remember my idea for an Asian jerky called "pfoodman-chew"? Use it as you like my friend.