Friday, October 19, 2007

Generation XYZ

I was fumbling through the Internet the other day. I was trying to find an interesting topic to write about because I am dry. Since my daughters homecoming was last week, I thought I would Google something in the nature of "generations". Geez, too much information there. I have decided that every teen should be assigned a social worker, because there sure seems to be a lot of issues and controversy surrounding them. After all, teens get their information from the Internet. And since I have been troubled as of late, trying to get inside the head of my teenager, snap her out of her cyber mindset--look her in the eyes and find the "off" switch to cyber-media, I have to communicate with her on her terms. From my office in my basement I emailed her to "quit talking to her mother like that". It went over well, I cc'd everyone involved.

On my search, I ended up with a bunch of articles about marketing, parenting, marketing, parenting, marketing mainly. Most specifically, the articles had to do with how business "get" to teens to sell them stuff; how kids "take in" information, and what captivates them enough not to "filter". Through technology, we have created generations of human information filters, cyborg human screening machines that skim pulp off the bottom of multi media for targeted intellectual nourishment.

What fuels our kids urge to purchase one thing over the next?--hell, it is their ability to scan the dead skin off of traditional marketing tactic. There are so many different portals, the urgent, non-stop, in your face stream of influence used by marketeers. I truly think we are living amongst a cyber power of soldiers, they with their God for saken pages of Face Book.

The generations go like this:

2000/2001-Present - New Silent Generation or Generation Z

1980-2000 - Millennial or Generation Y

1965-1979 - Generation X

1946-1964 - Baby Boom

1925-1945 - Silent Generation

1900-1924 - G.I. Generation

It kind of sucks that I had no idea what the name of my parents generation is/was; the silent generation. I had to Google its meaning, and by doing so, achieved subliminal perspective of the XYor Z generation. Nope, the Silent Generation people aren't remarking about rampant spamming and phishing, viruses and/or OEM's. No body's bitching about the fees on eBay, or pissed that they forgot their online banking personal question? They are dying and no record is made of their electronic existence; not necessarily a bad thing.

Face book is marketing at its best, homogenized personal brochure making where teenagers compete to one up the competition--the magic of network brilliance. It is the pinnacle of promotion, and often used in the wrong way. I wonder if the chronicaling of every kids face book will somehow come back to haunt them? For the Baby Boomer generation, a criminal record would be the fear of what others might find out. For Y and Z, there is a very significant record of goods and bads chronicled by no other than the offender thyself.

At least the Silents will go down with out a real record and better intuition.

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