Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bubba #1

Well the friggin three hour extravaganza liked to suck the mojo right out of my inerds. But I ain't making excuses. I am simply sharing the fact that my system was still full to the eyeballs with lactic acid from Riches Spain Lake race.

That is about the best way I can put it. No matter how I tried to replenish the fat and salt from yesterdays Spanish Lake race, I didn't quite have the recovery needed to hang on to a couple guys at Bubba today. I did alright, the results just kind of sucked. I was at the bottom half, but hey, it is the first one. There is a tempering process with Bubba, you got to show up each week and climb the ladder through the series. And if you think it is about winning, forget it. It is about pain, taking the pain and feeling the fitness overtake you over time. I love that about cross. Especially with the teenagers who made up half the field for christsake. Ahmen.

I noticed Russ and Ethan, a couple others in the A's. There were others older and seasoned. Not sure how I would do but it would be nice if the body delivers a decent fitness level to go up against them in a race this year. Kurt Russell showed up in his bigshark kit shiat. I was thinking I could have shaken it up with him a bit, by the way he was...looking. I respect these guys. They are pretty much the money. With what I have been doing, the results should be coming in the next couple weeks. But the same will happen with everyone doing this sport.

The pace went out hard and after about 5 laps, I started feeling a might bit bonky, like coffee hangover empty. After some decent efforts, I had to slow down and regroup, which allowed Jose, Jim, James and others to dance around me while I coughed lung in to the dusty field. Jose crashed and fell back a bit, muscling his way up to the top 10, I believe. He is a tough bastard. They all are.

The good news is that Jamberetz was there with his camera. Yes, that camera makes it all the more worth it. There are times when I look up the trail and see him on his knee pads, in perfect position. I come rolling in arms flexed, quad flexing and stuff. The grimace face is all I can send to him. He'll click around the time the snot unfolds itself from my cheek, or catch me in a dab. He takes so many that everyone gets a superstar shot. Worth the pain, worth the pain.

Oh yes, Weiss beat me on a mountain bike, an old one, I think it was a GT. Great.

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