Sunday, October 14, 2007

Spain Lake and other.

Oh my. That race stung. They all do. I decided to jump in to the endurance class because that is where the bro's were, Crocker, Schuck, Brenden, we are all pretty equal, I suppose, they were shredding me, I must say. The three hour plus race that, as a residual, gives you a little fitness for down the road. Since the Cross season is upon us, I thought it necessary to trim some fat and go for the burn. We ended up a couple minutes apart, barring Crocker and Brenden getting in an extra lap. They likely had 15 minutes on me. A little embarrasing, but I am me, and they are them. Understanding of course that today I have a cross race and I would like to be there for my fans.

I knew it was a cop out to the normal expert class, in which the usual suspects would show, DRJ, the usual field would spread out the usual way and I would get my usual results. Pirtle comes blasting by a good five minutes in front of everyone else. WTF? I would have been not last but lower middle, where I am, usually. Bauer surprised me a bit by running gears, the queer. He tricks me this way. Always avoids the Pfoodman with the Single speed class, something different. I am beginning to think I smell or something. Gunpowder little buddy, these guns smell of gunpowder, don't they? Glad to see Mark finishing up another fine season.

I am bringing some demo bikes to the cross race today. Any body can use them. Daren from Lindenwood Cycling team is supposed to bring some of the new blood, students on the new cycling team. He has some scholorships to hand out to students wanting to race n school. What a deal? More to come on this.

Congrats to Boz. Shredded Agrijo on the last of his series. These two guys have been going wacko at one another all year. Both great guys for the sport. Welcome to the jungle, get ready to take it higher, both of yuz.

Paging Jerry Orzano.....please come to isle: get on you bike and ride.

Do we need a meeting at the club?


Boz said...

Thanks for the props. The race within the race yesterday almost saw me getting shredded by Aggro. He put everything he had into me at the end. Good time and I'm spent! WTF is up with the sandbaggers who ran 1-2 ahead of me?

Ralph Pfremmer said...

They are one-timers. Don't worry about them.

Anonymous said...

"one-timers"? I'll say nothing here so that I don't get punched in the mouth