Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dreams of gettin me some Wapiti

I went to the outfitter the other day to buy a Wapiti. I had run out, gone dry, used up the last one mid week and needed a new supply. The damn place was busy but I found a wall of them packaged and stacked up on shelves, in the outdoor section, next to the fly shop. I couldn't believe it, there in its own section, was huge display with a bunch of folks standing around trying to get there hands on some Wapiti. There were the popular Wapiti Individual Packs, The Backwoods Wapiti, the Wapiti Weekender, Wapiti Family Pack, , the Shack Pack Wapiti, and, if you signed up at the promo booth, you could get a direct mail super club "Wapiti Wallop". You can get your Wapiti by mail each month. Or visit Wapiti.com, for more information.

In the corner next to the fish tank, a group of men were standing around a table, getting a gander at the Wapiti Girls, handing out samples of mini-Wapiti's, for the wife and kids, (gotta take care of the boss and the little ones). The models were cute, next door perfect, healthy and athletic, like our kids are.

The parking lot was packed, so many people wanting to get in and find out what all the commotion was about. I was standing in line, wiping my mouth off with one of those brown recycled sustainable napkins from the buffet. Yep, Wapiti corporate had brought in some energy food for the customers who had waited so long in line to get their Wapiti. Wapiti corporate was giving away a trip! a Wapiti Adventure! There was Lil B, Smartman, Kitty, COKEN, Baldy, about a hundred thousand others that I don't have stupid names for, all in need of some Wapiti, and quick.

So I was thinking, where else can one go to "get Wapiti". My favorite bald guy sent me this picture after a meeting on this importan subject. I am thinking it pretty well tells the story. So I figure I am on my way there. As soon as those models turned their heads, I grabbed a big ole stack of raffle forms and stuffed them in my backpack. Later I had my kid make about a million copies and fill them out while on an float trip with her friends. I came back the next day and stuffed the box. Ain't no way I am gonna lose my chance at getting me some Wapiti. Word.

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