Saturday, January 26, 2008


There is not much to report on the recreational front, due to the fact that winter has again scratched its nails down my blackboard of an attitude. This is really getting a bit ridiculous. Florida was a wash. Three days of 29 degree morning temps. The high around 55, coldest in 10 years, the water in the bay blown out to see, 30-40 mile an hour winds each night only to reveal the ugliness of all day low tide. Who can fish? WTF? I suppose we were lucky for the past several years. I may bail on Siesta Key next Christmas and jump on a plane to guaranteed high temp tidings of the Caribbean.

If Hawkins sends me some pictures of the tour down under, I will gladly post them. He called me from Strawlia yesterday and said that he he would spit three times, he could hit pro cycling's Phil Liggett. I happen to to think it is "just plain evil" to rub that in our faces.

Pfoodman business is brisk again, new openings on the forefront, the senior living piece continues to grow, more on the horizon with our unique development/operations template. If anyone wants in on the wave, let me know. I am sure we can figure out a way to open or partner with a development for senior housing. But don't think you can cash in too early. Cap rates are based on 10 years. So make sure you are in for the long haul before setting an appointment with your checkbook. We are quite proud of our current clients, who have taken to our method of turn key business development. Let Pfoodman/Silverset design, build, supply and manage the restaurants within your senior living communities. We have loads of resources to make you successful, and are most definitely committed to the industry.

Racanelli's got a shot in the arm from Pfoodman and our process to regionalize, energise and eventually franchise John Racanelli's concept. The best damn pizza I can find in town. John moved his Webster operation across the street from his current location, expanding the seating and rolling out his new suburban prototype. Nice work John. Congrats on your opening. Look for the next to be in St. Peters, then a major overhaul of the Delmar location in University City. More on this to come.

Lindenwood University continues to amaze me. I am so proud to be a part of this place. Not only did they create a cycling team, but Darren Marhanka has gotten down with the screening of Tour Baby Deux. Take a night off of the couch and participate in this.

Our Java's concept has taken off and the James Evan's, President, just approved an expanded coffee program for both Java 101 and Java 201. We will combine the brand with Seattle's Best coffee in an effort to provide those wonderful Starbucks quality specialty drinks on the Lindenwood campus. Hey, a four dollar caffeine buzz? I will just drink my coffee with a fork, like I always do.

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