Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jay Nixon and The Tour of Missouri

Sent to Jay Nixon, 01-27-08

Hello Jay Nixon,

I am thrilled with your progress on the campaign and look forward to your success at becoming governor in the State of Missouri. My business partner Brian Dittmer has catered an event or two at William Woods University for you. We are happy to be supporters of your campaign. Visit us at

I write a blog called The Ralph Account and am very much involved with advocating the benefits of competitive/recreational cycling throughout the region. Myself and others have worked hard supporting the competitive cycling scene in St. Louis and surrounding areas through sponsorships of competitive events—Charity rides, like the MS 150 bike tour in Columbia, UltraMax events at Insbrook, the Show Me state games, many USA Cycling events and NORBA events throughout the state as well as many other wellness oriented activities.

My business, Pfoodman Holdings L.L.C., is also a sponsor of, a comprehensive information portal to the cycling masses, a clearinghouse of information designed to encourage others to get in to cycling, wellness etc. In addition to my blog, I am a moderator for all forum discussions on the message boards and it is read by thousands.

Important to our cycling community is the success of the Tour of Missouri. There has been recent speculation about your position on the Tour of Missouri and it would be nice if you would respond to a couple of questions.

Will the Tour of Missouri continue to be supported through the tourism budget?
Will the Tour of Missouri be embraced by your administration as it was with the Blunt administration?
What is your position on the support of non-traditional sports in Missouri?

Would it be possible for you to answer these questions so that I might let our community know? I think it would be an excellent opportunity for you to address this topic. In addition, if you are indeed passionate about the Tour of Missouri, and are interested in the cycling community, and some of the other grass root fitness organizations that comprise, and you would like to express your position in person at a gathering, I would be happy to help organize, facilitate and donate food and beverage at the event. I can be reached by email at or by cell, 314-496-2317.

Best Regards,

Ralph Pfremmer, CEO
Pfoodman Holdings L.L.C.
930 Kehrs Mill Road suite 324
Ballwin MO, 63011

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MPN: Missouri Political News said...

Tour of Missouri had $26 million impact, $330k deficit in 2007

A report that will be released by Gov. Matt Blunt (R) later this week will show the Tour of Missouri, a professional cycling event that traveled to cities throughout the state, had a $26 million impact on the state's economy in 2007....[continue reading here]