Thursday, April 24, 2008

Must refrain

Eric called me a liar yesterday. I was finishing shredding him on the Wednesday Castlewood ride, where D-Wayne, Albert, Mitch, Zach and a couple others showed up. D-Wayne is always fun to ride with, he an Albert were off the front, I wish Thrasher was there to see how he measured up, but apparently his cubicle wasn't memo'd. I think D-Wayne is all of 142 pounds. Albert don't look much fatter. Bobby must do weigh-ins from time to time. Those guys are toothpicks.

The reason Eric called me a liar was for obvious reasons. I have had a couple posts that I changed my mind on. The Prius is history, just too gay. Not only that, it is not all that eco-friendly. There is a problem with the price to quality ratio as well. I will stay with an aggressive riding protocol on the Ruckus. Funny, the only time I have driven my car all week has been to load my Mountain bike up to go and ride. I will be contacting Brad Brown of Cycleworks to seek out an apparatus that I can mount my bike on the Ruckus. That will surely be photo worthy and Ploch will know nothing of it, until I completely one-up him.

The other reason Eric called me a liar was because I no showed at the Herman race. And never have I been so glad. Face it, I have two weeks before I am ready to race. The May 10th Castlewood thing will hopefully ignite the afterburners, I will do the endurance class, and by then I should be fit enough to at least get through the race. No surgeries this year, no excuses, I will be back. I snuck off and did another lap yesterday as the groups headlights faded into dark from the park. I got back on that horse to one-up those guys. Yep.

In other news, it was indeed a good time riding with Bobby, Paul, Bauer and Tank the other day. I had forgotten how often there are attacks on that ride. Fun stuff. I kind of saved myself for that ride and performed reasonably well. Though it was only 45ish miles and I really need to get in to the 80's. I believe there is talk about a double Berryman soon, and/or a Castlewood, Chubb, Greensfelder tour, 60 mile epic. This should knock the dust off the water cages.

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