Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Castlewood Rally

I decided to one up whomever yesterday, embarking on a three hour ride doing laps on the "published" race course at Castlewood. I have been doing laps there for three weeks trying to get this POS body back in to shape, chasing Schuck and Thrasher, giving them all of the: "yeah, I am kicking his ass" they can have. And I am happy to oblige. I am happy to report that I have lost a buttload of weight too. Which I am happy about, after a less than positive attitude throughout the winter. I think they know I am coming. Something feels good about the level of fitness that I have embarked upon. This might be a cool year if I don't let work and other stuff get in the way. I think I will continue to "hands off" a thing or two. No more micromanagement, no more worry about stuff all the time until the back and neck hurt. I am going to live in the day for once. For about a year, see what happens. If the worst that can happen is that I lose the fervor for business, then I suppose it is actually a good thing when it comes to health. Yet, when I am at peak fitness, I can fall and bust my ass. It think we all know that there is a happy medium.

It was indeed a tough winter. Months of ridiculous mindset, bad habits combined with injury can be a death sentence to the overall fabric of on going conditioning. One would agree that there are cycles (ups and downs) when it comes to ongoing fitness, but there can also be a form of self defeat that can gain momentum if you aren't careful; the spiraling of an "I don't care" attitude. This happens when the focus goes away, when the buzz of exercise is gone from the daily menu, when you begin to forget about the thrill of a decent, or the exhilaration of a pace line at 30 mph. Yep, I missed that feeling more than I thought, and realize now what can happen if you turn your back on your priorities. It is called 10 pounds of fat. The climb back in to low body fat is a bit of a friggin nightmare.

Today I started my ride going up Lone Wolf and would finish the fourth lap right after that ascent. For anyone not 165 pounds or lighter it is a bit of a challenge. I remember being a beginner back in 2000, having to climb the damn thing three times, then do the old Ranger station three times. I pushed the bike more than I rode it. I was around 225.

I kind of paced myself and crested the top, crossing over to Love, doing roller coaster and down Grottpeter. Lots of fair weather riders out, seems like several will show at the race this Saturday. I flatted coming down Grottpeter and had a defective tube for the repair so I had to carry my bike out without rolling it because the piece of shiat Little Albert shredded itself.

When I got to the parking lot, Eric Pirtle, Craig Wolflsager (both on tiny little 26 inch bikes), John Mathews, Bobby Arnold, Tom Albert, Wes, I think I saw Kankles there later. The whole friggin DRJ was out in force. I saw Mark Lewis too, of yesteryear's ICCC, didn't see his twin. Earlier in the week, I saw Bob Crowe, Tom Blackman, Friggin Barry Blumenkemper, hammering the shiat out of Love. Cody was there from the shop. It was like there was a special on ham sandwiches down there. Everybody grabbing what they could before race time.

I finished my three hours, got in the car and checked my phone for messages. There were 13 missed phone calls. I was on the phone until right before American Idol at 7:00 pm. You get shot at my house if you don't pray to the American Idol Gods. I should get six laps on Sat.

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