Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mountain Bike Races on the horizon

This Saturday, May 10th. Missouri NORBA, Castlewood State Park.

Sunday May 18th. Heartland Series, St. Joseph MO go here

Sunday, June 1, Missouri NORBA, Matson HillSunday June 8th, Heartland Series, Blue Springs, Landahl Reserve go here

Anybody going anywhere else? After this Castlewood Race, we will begin training at Chubb and Greensfelder with more frequency. Wed, Sat and Sunday on non-race weeks, Monday, Tuesday and Sat (light) on race weeks.

We need to identify who our 12 hour teams are soon for later in the year. These three are the next that I will try to attend. If anyone else has a race they want to attend let me know.

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