Friday, July 23, 2010

Alpine Short Track Dirt Crit #4

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Oh my, what a turnout. The Royal Council was most pleased and lamented in to the late hours of the night, on the outside of the park. Thanks so much everyone for pitching in and getting out.

The results will be up later today, likely this evening. They are being computerized and there is much work to do. This will be a big help in the future and necessary for moving forward on the series.

A couple things to consider. There is one race left in the series. That is next Thursday. The Sunday following will be the Dirt Crit Finale. The race flyer will go up later today or the next. The format is kind of similar. We will run a tad longer races in order to test the cardio. The finale on Sunday is not part of the series awards. The Party and awards will be directly following the race at Lone Wolf, Ballwin on Sunday. We have the whole restaurant, it will be packed. And yes, the microphone will be working. Parking across Clayton Road would be best. Do not park near the neighborhood to the south of the building. This will be a spectacle. You will like Lone Wolf, it is all about the outdoor culture stuff like the Dirt Crits, what we call at Pfoodman, Oxygen inspired sport.

Swag giveaways will be significant. Marin is giving away a bike, a re-enforced table will be used to hold all of the swag.

Results will be up as soon as possible. Meanwhile, watch the Bobby's vid of the A race. I can still smell the rubbing of tires.

Dirt Crit #4 from bob arnold on Vimeo.


Barry B. said...

The smell of rubbing tires must have been my rear wheel rubbing the chainstay the entire race. Groan...

But the O'Fallon IPA made it all better.

Anonymous said...

Ralph, I picked up some fuses for the PA Amp. Mike B.