Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fun in the Dirt

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Wow, great turn out for the first race. Lots of people coming out to shake it up in the dirt. It was reminiscent of the old days, people talking up their bikes, gearing, things have changed a bit, nothings changed too much.

We had 21 in the A's. Almost perfect for the course. We ran in in the front of the park on the old(Foo) 2002 AMBC course. So it was a little nostalgic from that perspective. We went out hard at first, Wes and Chris and the dude from 360 got the gap and the geezers kind of floated to the back. We came through the bridge like a bunched up accordion. Those getting through first gaped the field and it split up pretty good from there. I buried myself at this point, staying with Kankles and Albert until we hit the creek. Again, accordion, I ran up the back of somebody and flipped over the bars in the water. No wrist snaps to speak of. I got back up and carried on. I didn't feel good at all. The sun had been on me most of the day getting the course set up and moving the stuff back and forth from the office. I was dehydrated and had a headache from the start. I still do. I did a couple more laps with Casey Ryback, knowing that at anytime he was going to kick me in the the ditch on his retro bike. I don't think he was feeling it either so we kind of played slinky for a while until I bailed to talk to Twister. I couldn't really get the heart rate down. I figured they would need my help to get the scoring down. So shoot me. I jumped in after a short rest and couldn't even hold Albert's wheel to the finish.

Thasher, Bauer, Shuck, Boz, Rich Pierce, others were there for a grinding and grueling race. I don't think anyone left any in the tank. It was hot and humid, no wind to speak of. We had a great time out there.

The B's put Carrie Cash up to the front with Jeff Powell right behind. This was a tough race for all. Robert Oelerman, LC (his year), Bob Crow! I really enjoyed handing the score cards to the C racers as they came across the line. First timers finishing their first race is quite a thrill, what it is all about.


You know, that damn bunker is wet 10 months out of the year. We will just skip it for the time being. It flooded last week and will take a while to dry out unless somebody gets in there with a pump and cleans it out, and that is pretty stupid. Too bad, it was clean and fast for a couple days. We will get it back on line soon for all to enjoy. The only thing we didn't do is pave the trail for the roadies. I predict a couple will show on their 97-2000 stumpjumpers, cross bikes and other. Thrasher's running a big ring SS so he can explain why he was in the second group.

I reckon there will be some talk about which group to go in. A,B or C. Super fast and fast in A, fast and fast beginner in B, 1st timer and novice in C. We will help you figure it out.

We finished the doe-see-doe, pretty cool stuff, will make for good spectating and pics. The course will be fast, the sand is cleared away from the center of the trail on the River loop. Grey Eagle (BLM) stepped up with a truckload of 180, as did a local Country Clubber for the brew. We got food, racing, pony rides for the kids (not). Let's do this.


The course is complete, the Bunkers will be in full use if it doesn't flood. But it is real close. The river is supposed to crest on Saturday, another 4 feet, hard to tell if it will come up to the paved bike path and spill into the low area just before the bunker. We will adapt where needed.

We are more than optimistic so get out there and ride the course. It is fast and groomed, all logs removed, sand will be cleared today. First race will be clockwise using the crossing. 5-7 minute hot laps.

Coming out in the field from the river loop follow the trail and turn left at the tree line. Go up to the entrance of the woods and make a hard right returning back through the woods in the newer trail. We will not use the crossing where there is a yellow barrier. We will come back in to the field and make an immediate left for 100 yards and then dump back in the woods for the Doe-See-Doe.


Thrasher and I went down and tried to make sense out of the Bob and Weave, we will have to improvise a bit, because the usual dump in to the bunker has a large downed tree in the middle and it is not quite dry enough to ride. It stinks too, but that may have been Thrasher jersey.

We ended up using the second dump in and will shore up the entry when we do some preparation next week. We also were able to re-route the decline off the bunker, in order to come back on to the bike path after threading the Bob and Weave. There is too much sand on the flats heading to the field so work will be done to make a channel in order to keep speed. There are a couple holes that are still drying, particularly a right hand turn where the river has edged its way almost on to the river trail. I am thinking major fun for this.

This just in: Lewis Greenberg will be on hand to keep things real. If you don't know Lewis, read about him here. Come and visit with West Counties most colorful artists/activist.

Getting Pfunked: We were at Baurs last night, sipping Chamey after a good ride, and I looked over at he and Thrasher and asked if they thought any roadies were going to show up. Baur said, who you talking bout, specifically? So I rattled off a couple people whom I would like to try and shred. If you know of any roadies who might not normally want to give it a shot, send them my way, to the blog. I have a couple extra bikes we can rig up if all they have are 14 pound carbonicities. And in order to encourage a couple people hear or there, if you see your pic on the site or the pic of a friend of yours, tell them that they have been pfunked, and that they are expected to friggin race. Like Luke here.


If you have found yo bad selfs here, it means you are looking for some serious fun in the dirt. The Velo Force Short Track Dirt Crit Series is for any and all types of riders and it is indeed a training series for the purpose of building fitness. We encourage anyone who wants to give it a shot to show up and try your hand at Dirt Crit racing.

Short Track Dirt Crit racing is a great way to build and test skills in a competitive atmosphere. We will have food, drink and good times each Thursday beginning June 26th.

Any (off road type) bikes are welcome: Old POS's, Cross bikes, SS, 5.5's, Uni's, Tandems, 29ers (and the little 26er ones).

If you are new to the racing thing, don't worry, we will be there to help you out and steer you in the right direction. If you want to try and bring it back, tell your friends and family to come and root you on.

Anybody is welcome: Old, Young, Geezer Old, Girls, Guys, Women, Men, Roadies, BMXers, ...and you too Thrasher!

We have the park "go ahead" and things are a go as today, 6-10-08. We will run the course on both sides of the road, there will be bunkerage, there will be the use of the field and now introducing: The Doe-see-Doe. There will be changes each week.

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Yeti Ken said...

I like the one of Hawk trying to hang on Carrie's wheel. I bet she dropped him. Sorry Hawk ;-)

Those races were great. I never raced them, only watched (and course-marshalled). Lots of fun watching, though.