Friday, June 13, 2008

Iron Barley

I should have reviewed this restaurant a long time ago, because it was a few weeks back that the lady and I, with the Blau's dined together down there in South, South City. I won't bore you with too much but get there now! An absolute hoot of a place with kick-A food.
An outdoor back alley with live music held a hundred or so music lovers. I know I heard Gram Parsons, whomever the band was had impeccable taste in country rock. Who is Gram Parsons you ask? I recommend the compilation "Return of the Grievous Angel" for a wonderful tribute to the founder of Country Rock music.

The smoked Prime Rib cut was e-splendid, and eclectic switch up from the norm. Our server had just the right attitude for the joint as did the interior entertainment of acoustic Dillon stuff. We sipped beverages from the bar while commenting on the unique combination of experiences. You wouldn't know the place was one of St. Louis's most original designation spots on tap this summer. Go there and be cool. Right away.

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