Friday, June 13, 2008

Thrasher Love

This is so funny I could not pass up posting. A little off color for some.

Thrasher wrote:

So last night I was mounting up the Schwab Little Albert (no sealant) that Ralph gave me via Stan Crocker. I was having some difficulty with the compressor so I thought "ok, go ahead and use CO2 but put the Stan's in first to save another cartridge". So, in went two full scoops of Stan's. Sure enough, the CO2 seated the bead nicely on my Bontrager SS rim, probably only about 20 PSI though. So, I use the floor pump to take it up to 50 PSI momentarily to be sure the bead is seated, and also to get the Stan's to fill any gaps in the tire or on the rim while doing the Stan's dance with the rim held horizontally.The thing had been at 50 PSI for about 5 seconds and I was leaning over to remove it from the inverted bike frame I was using to hold it during inflation when KABOOM!!!! I was right in the grass by my pool doing this while my whole family was out swimming. Everyone screamed and I am totally covered in spooge. Head to toe (wearing swim trunks only) and even in my mouth. Yummy.The tire did say only to go to 45 psi, but that has never happened to me before. Just blew it clear off the rim. I know Jeremie had a similar experience a few weeks back, just w/o the Stan's. My ears have finally stopped ringing. Luckily I was outdoors. It's all mounted now, just with 40 PSI for seating it. Keep that in mind unless you want to look like a victim of John Holmes or Ron Jeremy.PS: I would've taken/sent a picture of the whole thing, but I know it would've been used against me in some g@y pr0n blog entry.
Precious Craig. Say, not that I am a direction reader, but 50 lbs with no tube is a key indicator of

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Yeti Ken said...

Clarification, please. Was this a NoTubes set-up? Or a UST/Tubeless set-up with the help of Stan's (like I use)? I always inflate to 50-60 PSI to seat a Tubeless bead w/ Stan's, swish the sealant around, then deflate to 30 psi. Can't speak for a NoTubes set-up, though.

Yeah, you're lucky there aren't any pics out there with Stan's spooge all over you :-0