Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Rain

What is going on? I have begun gathering deadwood in order to build a freaking raft so I can at least get to work. This rain is of proportions unknown. I know this comes as a big suprise, but I have washed my bike like four times this week.
I am sitting here with the topic of racing. On one hand, I get in my car and head to Columbia (MO) to do the Rhetts run gig, the other, Matson, my least favorite course in the universe. Even the skinny guys are secretly hoping it was going to be rained out. They are likely getting their act on right now, because it will be just a short time when Matt sends those crazy dudes up the friggin hill. Hafner wants the King of the Hill bad, so I expect him to take the crown.
I like how the DRJ does it. They pre-pay for the races, and then have to show up. That way they show up unless there is a really creative excuse, I am thinking. Like, "dude, my house flooded", or "I would have been there, except a river kept me from getting off the front porch", or "my bike rusted into a frozen piece of frailrot".
You see, there are all sorts of things you can do to bail, during torrential times like these.

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