Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dates for Final Short Track Discussed

For those of you interested in knowing when the final short track race will be held, you will be glad to know that the discussions are now underway. We will actually have 6 races, on a weekend, likely a Saturday as not to disrupt any other races already scheduled. We will have an A, B, C, race with the points totals being awarded upon completion. We will also have 3 other races that day, a women's, a juniors and a two person team relay.

As soon as the date is chosen (after this Friday), I will go about getting the permits and make it happen. You can expect the usual pageantry, BBQ, beverages, we should have music, eh?. I would like to get a bunch of shops out there, showing off their stuff, maybe doing some demos or selling stuff from the past season. I prefer not to ask anything of the retailers, they work hard to make margins and I prefer not to ask them for swag and free stuff. We have underwriters and Race Sponsors for the final and we will provide a lot of value in the form of culture building camaraderie.

So as soon as I get the dates we will prepare the final, lets get the word out.


Davey B said...

How about Sunday 9/14??? Nothing local.

I was really stoked to hear that there was going to be one on a weekend so I could go after missing all the Thursday nighters, but Sat would rule that out for me... and quite a few other bike shop lifers.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Yep,that could be a problem, saturdays. Working on it.