Friday, August 29, 2008

Karma Kick's Kevin

I tried to struggle through another edition of the Riverfront Times this morning. I remember one of my professors (Harry Jackson Jr.) at Lindenwood University, lamenting that, in order to become a better writer, you must read a lot. I fall short on this but try and do this daily with blogs, periodicals and on occasion, a motivation book of the month.

I research things, mostly on the Internet, each morning while slugging coffee. It is dangerous the professors say, to do research on the Internet and form opinions based on blogs and message boards. Harry tossed the RFT into the same bucket. Hey, I already have my opinion, I seek out conflict, conjecture, conservative and liberal agenda with the best of them. Sure, you can get this from common media (network news), but it pretty much makes my skin crawl; talking heads with decent oratorical skills. The common media influence is over for me.

I'll stick to doing a little digging on stuff here and there. If I don't at least read and do research, like my professor said, I won't be able to write worth a hoot.

So Kevin Slaten was the topic of the 4-5 page article in the RFT. And I should ask really, to whose benefit was this whole article? Read it and ask yourself: should I toss him in to the same box as JC Corchoran and other angry misunderstood radio personalities, the has-been box, the reaching-for-straws-box, the I am misunderstood and off the airways because I screwed up, box. To the institution of Schlock Jocks I ask, can we buy a little authenticity here?

Kristen Hinman's article actually gives credence to the fact that he has recently been baptized and re-invented into some spiritual awakening; a pre-cursor to a comeback will be likely. Let's assume that once his latest legal issues are resolved and he can return to work, he will be new and improved, lighter loftier, wiser. Cliche if you ask me. Hinman falls victim to Slaten's indulgent "bad press is good" press release maniputorical. She would have been better off simply posting this, five pages of legal cases in our Missouri Courts, some quite disturbing. Kevin has no problem being authentic. You be the judge! Ifyouknowhatimtalkinbout.

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